Both me and my partner are tattooed and we actually decided to go to Thailand for a holiday because we knew we would love it there and we could get an authentic Yak Sant Thai tattoo on the spot. We could have chosen to go to an island but instead opted for a beach resort called Hua Hin. The reason we chose there was its proximity to Bangkok, only a couple of hours drive away, and its fabulous combination of beaches, hotels and fine dining. We weren’t disappointed though the long journey is quite tiring and we perhaps both of us overdid the complimentary drinks on the plane!


Hua Hin To Get a Thai Tattoo

After checking in to the hotel we virtually stepped outside and were on the beach. There, for the equivalent of a couple of dollars, we rented two sun loungers near a little beach bar and sat back to check out the action going past us on the nearly one mile long strip of sand that makes up Hua Hin beach. In no time at all our eyes were caught by the number of people passing by (most on foot but even some on horseback!) who were sporting Thai tattoos. We soon got talking to some friendly local Thai guys as well as the hotel staff and the beach bars and plans were made for our first non-US tattoos.


We had a choice of waiting to have our tattoos done in Bangkok in a week’s time or by this recommended tattooist in Hua Hin. One thing that we were surprised by is we did not have to go to a monastery and have the monks do the inking. Not that we’re anti-Buddhist at all but it would have been a bit hypocritical. So in the end we went for Bangkok because we were working on our tans and thought hey ho why interrupt that pastime when we knew there would be plenty more places in Bangkok. Luckily it turned out a good decision because the tattooist in Bangkok was excellent, safe and hygienic – and we loved the whole holiday experience – particularly checking out the site Thai tattoos


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